Monday, November 21, 2011

Photoshop work

During my many, many years in art school, there were a couple of occasions where I thought I might like to do some sort of digital work, like Photoshop retouching or something else that I couldn't quite put a name to. I've always been pretty good at digital compositing, so I thought very briefly about going back to school and studying special effects compositing for movies. Finances changed my mind on that, though the interest is still there. I thought this week, it might be fun to post some of the work I did in the digital arena.

This poster is from week 4 of the class. I don't remember exactly what the assignment was, but this was the finished piece.

Week 7 we were to design an ipod type spot ad. I really liked this piece, but the instructor marked me down because I didn't do a silhouette. I stand by my work. It was completely different from every other piece.

Week 8 we learned how to use the animation functions in Photoshop. Very interesting. Might like to do more of this.  (UPDATE: This is supposed to be an animated GIF. I'm not sure why it isn't working. Trust me though, there is more to this piece!)

This was the final project for Advanced Digital Imaging. I believe the goal was to create a poster and a website. The website didn't have to function as an actual website, but the pages had to at least work separately , which I am happy to say, they did. The first three images are the poster, and the fourth is the home page for the website.

After the semester was over, I looked into how to go about getting work using these skills, but it seemed the only was y to do that was to try and get some sort of graphic design work, which I have absolutely no interest in. as you can probably tell, type is definitely not my strong point. I'm still not sure what else I can use these skills for, but I haven't forgotten them.

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