Wednesday, July 9, 2014

moving in a new direction

It's been a very long time since I last posted to this blog. While I was away, I was busy doing some commission work, as well as just dealing with the rigors of my 9-5 job.

Now, I've reached a point where I am feeling the call to do more figurative work, with (hopefully) a healthy dose of fantasy thrown in the mix. Inspiration for this new move (which is actually more of a return to my old art desires) has come from many different directions (Jeff Lafferty, Miles Johnston, Annie Stegg, etc), and I have jumped in with both feet.

At this moment, I am in the beginning stages of several different projects, including a personal tarot deck, a long and complicated graphic novel, and a commission piece for a friend.

Unfortunately I have become incredibly rusty. My sketchbook is loaded with horrible drawings that look nothing like the person they are meant to portray.

After getting past my initial panic, I decided to just keep going. That the only way to knock off the rust was to get back on the horse and keep riding. So, that's what I've been diligently working on for the past several weeks. I finally produced a drawing I liked. This is Saladin from one of my favorite movies "The Kingdom of Heaven".

pencil on vellum

I'll likely be posting more movie/fan art drawings as I continue to work on getting better and faster with figurative drawing.

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