Friday, August 12, 2011

New Technique

After spending yesterday being thoroughly miserable about my art career (or lack there-of), I awoke this morning with a strong desire to draw. I also was inspired by an amazing artist ( to try a new technique. This is watercolor pencil on Rives BFK paper. I use this paper all the time for my pastel work, but never realized you could put water on it without seriously damaging it.
Basically, I drew a few little drawings, laid down some watercolor pencil, then lifted the color as necessary. I did this several times until I was satisfied. I also added pastels wherever I needed stronger color. This technique took about 25 minutes.  I did a pastel version of the clown for comparisons sake. It took about 10 minutes.

I had more control with the watercolor pencils and that was greatly appreciated. I also can work much smaller than when I do pastels. Currently, most of my pieces exceed 18x24, and take up a lot of space when stored away.. So being able to do something smaller makes me a very happy girl!
Overall, I really like this technique and will continue to work with it until I feel I have a real grasp on it before I try a full illustration. As always, any and all comments are welcomed.

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